Linxstream Media provides our clients with subtitling services in over 50 languages. Supported by in-house and freelance subtitle translators and quality assurance tools, Linxstream Media translates and localizes videos for a global audience. Our team utilizes innovative video production tools and can handle all subtitling files in various format such as SRT, STL, ULT. CAP, and other open or closed captioning files. We employ industry-specific quality control processes, terminology creation and management, as well as other value-added quality assurance methods, to ensure that all subtitles are consistent and culturally accurate.

Linxstream Media is committed to providing our clients with professional service and a quality product. To that end, each of our translators is a member of either the Institute of Linguists or the Institute of Translations with a minimum of three years of professional experience. And, each project is matched to a translator based on their fluency of the assigned language.

Subtitling Services:

  • Subtitle creation
  • Conform existing subtitles
  • Forced subtitles
  • Text translation
  • Metadata translation
  • Full and spot QC
  • Transcription
  • Dialogue and spotting lists
  • As-broadcast scripts
  • Continuity scripts

Languages Supported

ALB/Albanian CAN/Cantonese FAR/Farsi
GRK/Greek ITN/Italian LAS/LA Spanish
MTR/Mandarin Traditional RUS/Russian TEL/Telugu
ARB/Arabic CRO/Croation FIN/Finnish
GUJ/Gujarati JPN/Japanese LAV/Latvian
NOR/Norwegian SLK/Slovakian THI/Thai
BAH/Bahasa Indonesia CSP/Spanish FLM/Flemish
HEB/Hebrew KAN/Kannada LIT/Lithuanian
NEP/Nepali SLV/Slovenian TUR/Turkish
BAM/Malaysian CZH/Czech FRC/Canadian French
HIN/Hindi KHM/Khmer MAC/Macedonian
POL/Polish SRB/Serbian UKR/Ukrainian
BNG/Bengali DAN/Danish FRE/French
HNG/Hungarian KOR/Korean MAL/Malayalam
POR/Portuguese SWD/Swedish URD/Urdu
BRP/Brazilian Portuguese DUT/Dutch GEO/Georgian
ICE/Icelandic KZK/Kazakh MON/Mongolian
PUN/Punjabi TAG/Tagalog VIT/Vitetnamese
BUL/Bulgarian EST/Estonian GER/German
IRH/Irish LAO/Laotian MSI/Mandarin Simplified
ROM/Romanian TAM/Tamil

Supported File Formats

To meet our client’s specific needs, the team at Linxstream Media produces multiple types of subtitling options such as hard-coded or standalone subtitles, which can also be delivered in different formats including DFXP,SRT. STL, SSA, etc.

Subtitle Translation– Subtitles can be a cost-effective alternative to voice-over for translated and localized videos. We offer real-time and off-line bilingual captions, multilingual subtitles, transcription, language translation, proofreading and editing. Our in-region subtitle translators ensure consistency as well as linguistic and cultural suitability for all subtitle translations.

In addition to translation services, Linxstream Media can produce original subtitles, which are customized in accordance with either our client’s preference of text style, color, font and size.

Text Translation – Text translation is the process through which the content of a text is transferred from the source language into a target language.

Closed Captioning Translation-Linxstream Media also offers closed captioning translation–providing video access to the hearing-impaired audiences. Using the latest video production tools, Linxstream can easily translate and localize your training, e-Learning, product marketing, or demo videos to include script and speaker notes.

Forced Subtitles– The term “forced subtitles” is used industry wide and refers to subtitling that must be provided when text in a scene needs to be explained but is not translated.

FN subtitles are overlaid text, and can be used to clarify dialogue, burned-in texted graphics, and other information that may not be otherwise understood easily by the viewer.

Forced Narrative subtitles broaden the viewing experience across a wide range of countries, languages, and devices. The image on a source video is required to be delivered without text; therefore, FN subtitles cannot be burned in.

Accessibility Services

  • Closed Captioning
  • Subtitles for the Hearing impaired
  • Audio Description

Compliance Services- Linxstream Media’s compliance editing services ensures that video content meets the legal, cultural and editorial requirements of specific region. We are aware of the importance of cultural and religious values and can provide guidance in delivering complaint editing and appropriate censorship of profanity and nudity.

Our global editorial team collaborate with compliance experts while providing full project visibility to clients. We provide media production, localization and compliance editing services to world’s leading content creators and distributors including Hollywood studios.

  • Title and graphics localization
  • Content restriction
  • Compliance
  • Scripting
  • Screeners

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